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Therapist speaks about mental health andSubstance Use treatment
Diagnostic Assessment: is an intensive clinical and functional evaluation of a beneficiary’s mental health, intellectual and developmental disability, or substance use condition. A diagnostic assessment determines whether the beneficiary meets medical necessity and can benefit from: mental health, intellectual disability, developmental disability, or substance use disorder services based on the beneficiary’s diagnosis, presenting problems, and treatment and recovery goal.

Comprehensive Clinical Assessment includes an assessment of physical and mental health, intelligence, school performance, family situation, and behavior in the home and community.  The assessment identifies the strengths of the client and family, and if applicable, the appropriate levels of care needed. 

Medication Management is a core service to determine an individual’s need for a prescribed drug, or evaluate the effectiveness of the prescribed drug as noted in the individual’s Person Centered Plan.

Outpatient Therapy provides therapeutic intervention to individuals in need of mental health and substance abuse resources, but do not require hospitalization or residential care. Outpatient therapy services are provided in an individual, group, and family setting.

Group therapy is psychotherapy provided by a therapist, to a group of people, at the same time. Groups can be any size but often include five to 15 people.  Group therapy typically focuses on a specific topic, behavior, or diagnosis, such as substance misusedepression, anger management, chronic painsocial anxiety, grief, or low self-esteem

Substance Use Therapy is a therapy modality in which clients learn and practice recovery strategies, build interpersonal skills, and reinforce and develop social support networks.



Telehealth And Telephonic Virtual Services Available

children education and mental health therapy
Serving youth and young adults ages 5 - 20 year with
severe behavioral challenges.
Day Treatment is a structured treatment service provided in a licensed facility for children, adolescents and their families.  
Day Treatment is a serv
ice for behaviorally challenged children and provides a broad range of intensive therapeutic approaches.  Some of which may include: group activities/therapy, individual therapy, recreational therapy, community living skills/training, and case management.

Intensive In-Home services is a limited intensive family preservation interventions intended for the purpose of stabilizing the living arrangements, promoting reunification and/or preventing out-of-home therapeutic resources for youth aged 5-20.

Respite services for qualified caregivers provides periodic support and relief from the responsibility and stress of caring for children three (3) to 17.5 yrs with mental health, developmental disabilities or substance use/addiction service needs.   Consumers receiving respite services must live in a non-licensed setting, with non-paid caregivers.  Respite services can be provided during school hours for sickness or injury and may include in and out-of-home services.  



18 + Years of Experience in Mental and Behavioral Health

Community Support Team - is a 4-person approach to address behavioral  health and substance use issues in adults.

Substance Use Counseling in which clients learn and practice recovery strategies, build interpersonal skills, and reinforce and develop social support networks.

Outpatient & Group Therapy provides intervention to individuals, groups or families in need of mental health and substance abuse services.

Partial Hospitalization (Partial Day) COMING SOON!


24/7 Crisis Line Available for Active Clients

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